Event Day



Griffon Fauve 1st Big Event




Friday 13th and Saturday 14th September 2013

Linton Bridge House, Balkholme, Near Howden, East Yorkshire, DN14 7XH

Saturday the 14th September was a good day for our breed.. Our very 1st "Events day"... we chose this date as we hoped to catch the hounds who would be at Darlington Ch. Show on the Friday.... Camping on site... A premier Inn very close by and some bedrooms available a few people came the night before... But what a wet and cold night as from around 4pm the rain never stopped.. An informal evening after a lot of hard work, drinks and food..with good company...... The next day wow the weather was perfect.

Linton Bridge was converted to a little bit of France..... The music, some of us tried to look French, the Flags, the French food and wine and the people arrived....

We had a good talk on Clicker training and scenting all with a very good model to show us novices how it is done... Some took part.. followed by "hunt the sausage" of course the scent hounds where quick of the mark. !!

Lunch and drinks a raffle. lots of banter... Then a chance to learn a bit about the Griffon... Interesting that so many people who admire the breed ask is that a "Wirehaired Vizsla"??? so we decided a model to show the difference, should come along, there are a few similarities especially the gundog character.

2.30 and the pedigree and novelty classes began we had 35 entry's overall... The Rosettes and prizes were superb, every dog entered took home a bag full of goodies.. We had lovely dog beds for best puppy, veteran, best in show.. and specials for the Best Griffon adult and puppy..

Let's hope we can do it all again next year.... A lot of work but well worth it.. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it a truly memorable day.









Best Griffon In Show & Best Griffon Puppy in Show

Harry & Louis

Harry & Louis